Braving The Cold


On this day (Dec. 28th), I decided to venture out to Christmas Cove Beach by Northport, Michigan. It was an incredibly calm day, with gorgeous cloud cover and lovely foreground elements to work with. As the sun began to fall behind the horizon, the temperature started to drop fast. Ironically, as the temperature dropped, the lighting behind the clouds seemed to become more incredible every moment. Despite the increasingly uncomfortable weather, I decided I would be staying here until every bit of this soft, glowing light had faded away into the horizon. I didn't want to miss a moment of it!! I decided to work with a Three Stop ND Filter to block out light to decrease my shutter speed, enough light to keep the F stop I desired ( F11) and also blur the water the amount I wanted. I also used a Two Stop graduated ND Filter to bring the brightness of the sky down by two stops, bringing the exposure of the sky and the exposure of the water much closer together. By using these filters I created a scene with water that seemed to be taking its time, a warm sky and a cold feeling in the foreground, I decided to emphasis all of these elements in this Work because it was exactly how I was feeling at that moment, peaceful, happy, yet very cold :)

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