Spring Has Finally Arrived!!!!!

Green Scene

     Spring weather is finally here, the flowers and trees of Northern Michigan have begun to come out of hiding and are beginning to put on an incredible show of life. With wild flowers popping up and trees covered in blossoms and leafs, it's hard to imagine living in a more beautiful area. Its spring time that lifts our spirits and tempts us to step outside to enjoy as much beauty as possible. I composed this photograph mid May, the Trillium flowers had just come up a few days previous, still with a bold green on their petals. There were many flowers in the woods, but I decided to isolate these five, I wanted to flatter the Trillium in the foreground by having it face the camera as well as having it on the vertical third line of the frame, the other four flowers drift back in the frame towards the right vertical third line. I wanted the log to compliment the arrangement by using it as a lead-in line flowing the same line as the Trillium flowers. I used the Canon 7D, Canon 24-105L, Canon 430 EX II with a -1.3 flash compensation to avoid blowing out the white flower petals. I hope you enjoy, please leave some feedback, positive or negative.

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