Trillium Forest

Trillium Forest
     I decided to visit a woods area near Peterson Park, just outside of Northport, MI, hoping to find perfect Trillium Flowers, I was truly blown away by the mass amount of them when I arrived at the location. The woods was truly covered in the beautiful flowers as far as one could see, the maple trees helped brake up the clutter of flowers and also helped accentuate the depth I wanted to illustrate with this image as well as the other images I took on location. My main goal was to tell a story of the immense beauty and display of life at the beginning of Spring time in Northern Michigan. As a wilderness photographer I am simply trying to get people involved more with the outdoors and the local programs that help support preservation of the natural world in all of its breath taking beauty. In this photograph I used a large maple tree, sitting on the upper left vertical third line of the scene, to block half of the sun so when the sunlight hit my lens it refracts at each aperture blade intersection to create what we photographers call a "Sun Burst" or "Sun Star." I used a small aperture opening (F16) to get sharp points at the end of each beam of the Sun Burst as well to get longer beams of light, please let me know what you think of this image or any of my images, negative or positive, I truly appreciate it!! Send me an E-Mail to jbphotography2@yahoo.com

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