Clouds Passing Overhead

Passage of Time

       I have always wanted to try a long exposure during mid-day, but I never found a proper opportunity. June 28th that opportunity finally came. The clouds had been clearing from a recent storm, the sun came out and lit up the new blue skies, while the strong wind quickly pushed the clouds across the sky. I knew I had a great chance for my daylight long exposure. The passing clouds in this image represent the passing of time as everything unfolds, clouds do not look like this in person, but this is how I see the location in my mind's eye, simply because I have the connection to time as I was watching the clouds go by for hours. I used a Six stop ND filter, a Three stop ND filter stacked on top and a three stop soft edge GND Filter to hold back the sky, I exposed for one full minute to record the clouds passing quickly overhead and to give a surreal look to a scene that is typically quite drab.

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