Paradise at Christmas Cove

Paradise at Christmas Cove

       On a very warm and windy afternoon, friends and I had made last plans to visit the beach. I am here quite often, for it is only seven miles from my home. We were blessed this night by an amazing display of hues and conditions. It was truly one of the most amazing sunsets i've seen in years , if not ever, at Christmas Cove Beach (outside of Northport, MI). The smooth warm water washing up onto the beach was absolutely beautiful to see and listen to. The clouds rolled over Lake Michigan continuously at a quick pace, their softness reminded me of a water color painting. Please tell me what you think of this photograph! Canon 7D, Canon 10-22 @ F8, 30 sec. exposure with six stop ND Filter and three stop GND Filter.

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  1. This photo is beyond words. I can look at it and feel a clam come over me, Can only imagine what it was like in person. All your photos are AWESOME!! I really enjoy looking at them. Thank You for sharing your work.
    Theresa, Wixom , Mi