Cracks in a Smooth Surface

Cracks in a Smooth Surface

       The inlet seen in this photograph is near Wetmore Landing Beach, Marquette, Michigan, on Lake Superior. The smooth face of the rock here is often wet, providing an interesting surface that reflects the same hue of light that comes in from the sunrise. The concept for the image is 'the beautify found in flaws' this idea has almost been completely lost in our modern world. Perfection is pushed upon us from all angles through the media, making it hard for anyone to be themselves. The most beautiful thing about the world, its animals, and its people is the fact they we are flawed (different), that is what makes us so special. The rock in the image above has been beaten to the point were it has become completely smooth and almost featureless from the water (media), but it's surface is deeply cracked. All the rock in this area is beaten by water and is smooth like this, but each area has a shape and series of cracks that are completely unique. We must never forget who we are inside, follow the goals you hold close in your heart and never stop pushing towards them.

Technical details: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22mm lens (@15mm), 3-stop neutral density filter, 3-stop graduated neutral density filter, ISO 100, F/14, three shot HDR.

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