Memory Lake

Memory Lake

       Bass Lake, A place that I grew up and still live near. My Dad, Mom, Brother and I always used to go fishing on the lake when we were all much younger. I was very happy to be able to photograph the lake during interesting conditions. A storm had just blown over, leaving several large clouds behind. I knew I had an opportunity to create an interesting long exposure. The end result was a photograph that spoke volumes of the memories my family and I had there.
       I plan on giving this photograph as a print to the Owners of the property that always let us get access to the Place. The Owner, Howard Kalchik, is a brother of my Grandfather, Stanley Kalchik. I know it would bring a smile to his face!!

Technical details: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22mm lens (@16mm), 6-stop neutral density filter, 3-stop neutral density filter, circular polarizer filter, Intervalometer,  ISO 100, F/18, 2 minute exposure.

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