Ousel Falls

Winters First Touch

       On the first day in Big Sky, Montana, my Family and I decided to visit a local waterfall (Ousel Falls). It was a hike I will never forget, the scene was very interesting. The landscape was starting to transform with winter just around the corner. I did not think I was going to photograph that much during the visit, but my Family insisted that I take my time to capture the scene that way that I wanted, so I did just that, I took my sweet time! I am very lucky to have such an amazing Family.

       Anyways, the area was filled with drama, Ice was beginning to gather on both sides of the fall due to the unpredictable weather of Montana. The water rushed past quickly, almost seeming like it was trying to run from the winter freeze.  I hope you enjoy this photograph. There are many more to come, I spent multiple days in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone NP is one area that truly shows you her immense beauty when you come in respectfully and intelligently. The area is very dangerous, it is filled with wild animals and dramatic landscapes, everything in the park must be properly respected, If not, then one is putting the wildlife and themselves into a harmful position. 

Technical details: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22 mm lens (@ 10mm), 3-stop neutral density filter, circular polarizer filter, ISO 100, F/16, 1 second.

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