Sand River

Passage of Sand

       As soon as I arrived back in Marquette, I was very excited to photograph a few locations I have had on mind for quite some time. I decided to wake up at 6 AM my third day back to venture out to Sand River. Sand River is only about fifteen miles outside of Marquette, heading towards Munising. The forecast was for primarily overcast skies, but I was feeling antsy, I would not wait another day to photograph the location. I reached Sand River and the conditions seemed to match the weather report, overcast, so I approached the scene in a subtle manner. I wanted to minimize the distractions and create a scene that was simplistic, but still held a high level on interest. The name of the river truly came into its own on this morning, the even lighting from the overcast skies made it possible to stack several stops of neutral density to extend the exposure. The long exposure captured the sand at the river floor moving with the smooth current of the water, creating long lines that complimented the strange overcast sky. I hope you enjoy this simplistic, yet technical photograph of Sand River.

Technical details: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22mm lens (@13mm), two-stop reverse graduated neutral density filter, six-stop neutral density filter, intervalometer, chest-high waders, ISO 100, F/16, 60 seconds. 

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