Un-named Falls, Miners Beach

Nameless Falls

       I decided to visit a close-to-home favorite location of mine a few days ago, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The Pictured Rocks is only 45 miles from the City of Marquette where I live. Making this location a must on days where the weather might turn towards drama. Drama usually comes with difficulties and this day was no different. It was terribly cold and windy, making it a real challenge to work close to the water.

       The first location I visited on my one day visit was a small un-named waterfall at Miners Beach. The small falls rests right on lake Superior, wind was blowing violently and the water was catching the wind, blowing all over myself and the graduated neutral density filters I was working with. It was quite frustrating having to wipe off the filter with my Zeiss soft lens cloth before every shot, but these are the situation one must deal with when working is such conditions. I decided to climb onto the top of the small falls to capture it from an interesting angle as well as to stay a little further from the spray of water. I hope everyone enjoys this photograph of the small falls running into Miners Beach

Technical details: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22mm lens (@10mm), 3-stop neutral density filter, 2-stop reverse graduated neutral density filter, ISO 200, F/16, Three shot HDR, middle exposure at 8 seconds.

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