Aurora Activity on April 12th


       A wonderful display of aurora activity filled the sky with dancing lights. The sight is one I will never forget. It is honestly hard to explain the way the northern lights makes one feel. It seems like a combination of true bliss and awe. The center of rotation for the star trail was placed in the center of the image to accentuate the concept of being so small. We are but specks in the grand scheme of things. I hope everyone enjoys.

Technical details: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22mm lens(@10mm), ISO 100, F/5, 16 minutes.

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  1. Julian...Great capture. You are right about the emotion that the aurora elicits. On that same night, a couple friends and I were watching aurora activity at Christmas Cove. We could see a big patch of whitish sky to the northwest, but no green. I opted to not take a picture because it wasn't all that great. My friend, however, did opt for a few test shots and what was amazing was when she uploaded her shots to LR4, and hit the auto exposure, there was the green in the sky and reflecting on Big Blue. It was a pretty amazing phenomenon. Karen