Be prepared to step into the water to find the best angle of view

Wetmore Calm

       Getting close to water with expensive gear is always intimidating. This fear is justifiable because one slip can be the end of a serious investment. There are ways to make this scary situation a bit less nerve wrecking. Make sure to wear a pair of water proof boots or fishing waders if available. These cheap investments can be the soul factor determining if a powerful angle can be reached or not. Boots and waders will not prevent a water born accident from happening, but with proper care and patience just about any spot can be reached safely. Be sure to always be prepared. A simple plastic bag around each lens and other important electronics is a simple way to make sure your gear is safe within your bag if an accident does happen. 

       The shot above would not have been possible without a pair of nice high top water proof boots. The angles from the shore (safe areas) were not giving me the drama that I wanted to capture. Just by walking ten feet into the water I was able to organize the rock elements in a way that created a sense of movement, drama and depth. I hope you enjoy. 

       If you are thinking about working in water make sure to take your sweet time and be very, very careful. Water is no joke and can be a true danger to work in.

Technical details: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22mm lens (15mm), 2-stop reverse graduated neutral density filter, 6-stop neutral density filter, ISO 100, F/11, 13 Seconds.

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