Hidden World

       After Robin's Graduation, we both left for the Pictured Rocks NLS right away for a three day getaway. The first day was filled with brutal adventure, intimidating bushwhacking and the discovery of an un-mapped | un-named waterfall deep in the woods near Miners Lake. The second day was one of hiking multiple times to Spray falls during early morning and evening from our camp. The morning of the third day was the most calming and relaxing by far. We woke up to a thick blanket of fog surrounding everything. I took the photograph above on the last day of our stay when the fog was still present, but not overwhelmingly thick. I felt as though the two of us were lost in an epic dream world of relaxation, love and peace. I hope everyone enjoys. There will be many more photographs from the trip coming on-line soon!!

Technical details: Canon 7D, Canon 10-22mm lens (@13mm), circular polarizer filter, ISO 100, F/8, 1/3 of a second.

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