A True Forest of Trillium Flowers

       I visit this location every year in the hopes of creating a photograph that captures stronger emotion and displays a higher level of composition and technicality than the attempt before it. I use deer trails to access the area so I do not disturb these terribly sensitive flowers. I believe a mindset filled with respect for the natural world is the only way to go about wilderness photography.

       I am often asked 'where in the world is this area?' and I can only generalize the location because of the sensitivity of the place, the exact location is something I keep secret. This is exactly why I used 'Clandestine' in the title of the image. I hope everyone enjoys and I would truly appreciate any form of feedback, positive or negative.

Technical Details: Canon 7D, Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 lens (@16mm), Novoflex Nikon lens to Canon body Adapter, ISO 100, F/22, Two exposure blend, one at .8 of a second for the highlights and one at 1.6 seconds for the shadows.

Location: Near Peterson Park, Northport, MI.

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  1. The plant is most common in rich, mixed upland forests. Like most species of Trillium, flowering age is determined largely by the surface of the leaf botanists who specialize in trilliums. site