Relaxation and how it keeps getting better

       It is funny how much Summer tends to change as one grows up. In the days of youth, Summer is a season of pure excitement. There is no work to do, there is no homework waiting to be done, only spending the night at a friends house, or trips to the beach with the family.

       After childhood, Summer begins to develop into a chance to make a little spending money as a teenager, to work half hard and spend the money irresponsibly. Which at the time always seemed fun and like a great idea.

       As an adult, Summer truly transforms into a realm of work. Full on work. For us, Summer is just like every other season, now the only difference is how damn hot it is outside. If one was to read this as a child, it might be honestly terrifying to understand that the days of free time are soon to be gone. But as an adult it is easy to understand how amazing a busy, busy Summer can be. We slowly learn how to work efficiently and enjoy every moment of free time we get. The fact that we are always working makes the small amount of relaxation truly important. It is the yin and yang of the real world for most.

       Adults always keep their childhood dreams close and only as an adult can one understand how to work towards their dream. Take a moment to think of your true passion and take a seat for a while to figure out a strategy to accomplish your dream before it actual becomes too late.  An open mind and the idea that happiness is true wealth are principles to live by, but none of it is possible without a massive passion and a drive to conquer ever obstacle that lays between you and your goal of peace and happiness (a job that you love). Cheers to working and enjoying it!!

Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24 F/2.8G ED lens (@14mm), ISO 100, F/16, two image blend, one exposure for the highlights, one for the shadows.

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