Cool Clouds and Breaking the Rules

       A perfect evening at Indian Head Point of the Pictured Rocks NLS. The clouds dissipated soon after this photograph was taken. The sun was just about to set and its last moments were spent painting the face of Indian Head Point with a vibrant warm light.

       An old 'rule' of photography composition is to 'never' put the horizon in the middle of the shot. However, there are many times were the foreground and the sky are tied and both need to be equally displayed. I decided to break the 'rule' here and place the horizon dead center of the shot. Another reason why one might consider this style of framing is for the use of magazine and book covers. This way there is enough room in the shot for a magazine title to go towards the top of the image.

Technical details: Canon 60D, Canon 10-22 (@15mm), 2-stop Reverse Graduated Neutral Density Filter, 3-stop Neutral Density Filter, ISO 100, F/16, 40 Seconds.

Just for example, this is the kind of idea I had in mind while framing this photograph, Rough, but I believe it gets my point across. I would appreciate any form of feedback.

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