Morning light at Chapel Beach, Pictured Rocks NLS

      I recently returned from a five day stint photographing in the Pictured Rocks NLS of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The purpose of the trip was to show my younger brother Jesse, who was visiting from Montana, a few of my absolute favorite photographic locations within the park and to also photograph these locations.

       The first location we camped at was Chapel Beach. The photograph above features a massive rock element within the Chapel River and a stunning cliff peninsula highlighted by the mornings early warm light. There had been large storms in the Pictured Rocks for nearly four days before we arrived and the remnants of the storm had not yet left. The rain water was still finding its way down all of the streams and rivers of the park, contributing to a much more vigorous flow compared to normal. The clouds were still dark and dominated the sky, we could not have asked for better luck!

       Chapel Beach is famous for a strange rock formation (Chapel Rock) that features a large tree growing directly on top, but this morning I was pointing my camera in the opposite direction. This shot was almost made impossible due to Chapel Rock behind me only letting three to four minutes of sunrise light to hit the cliff peninsula before it ducked behind the formation and was not seen again until it had risen significantly. All things considered, I was fortunate for this shot to have worked out the way I had hoped it would!

Technical details:
Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24 F2.8G ED lens (@17mm), Novoflex Lens Adapter for Nikon G Lenses to Canon DSLR Cameras, ISO 125, F/16, 1/3rd of a second.

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