Tahquamenon Falls and Focus Blending

       This photograph would have been impossible if not for the amazing new techniques available with current photography. The tree on the right was so close that it would have been completely out of focus if I wanted Tahquamenon Falls in the background also in focus, even at F/22. This photograph is a blend of four photographs, each at different zones of focus. This way I was able to keep the lens set to a much sharper Aperture of F/11 and retain perfect depth of field. This technique is call focus stacking. The technique is something that I use often and has helped my make stunning photographs that would have been impossible otherwise.

Canon 6D, Canon 24-105L (@67mm), 3-stop Neutral Density Filter, CPL Filter, Four shots at different focus zones, ISO 100, F/11, 2.5 Seconds.

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  1. These are both wonderful shots, Julian. Your photography skills are wonderful, but what you can do with the technology above and beyond the norm are even more amazing. Karen