Tamarack Magic

       I might have gone a bit crazy over Tamarack trees this year. The allure of the vibrant yellow and orange is irresistible to me, especially when there is another pine variety is near. The green to orange is a stark and lovely complimentary addition. I wanted to make sure I took advantage of the changing season this year. I missed the Tamaracks last year and I was not too happy about it. I hope everyone enjoys.

       I have a few more Tamarack photographs coming from the Lower Peninsula. Each of these photographs feature Tamarack trees found near L'anse, MI.

The Front Lines -  Canon 6D, Canon 400 F5.6L, ISO 100, F/11, 1/80th of a Second.

Nearly Evergreen - Canon 6D, Canon 400 F5.6L, ISO 100, F/8, 1/60th of a Second.

Family of Trees - Canon 6D, Canon 400 F5.6L, ISO 100, F/8, 1/40th of a Second.

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