A doorway in the forest

A wild snow storm brought twenty inches of snow in a single week. The location here had waist deep snow and was a blast to trek through. I have honestly never seen winter conditions like what we have had this winter. The sky was clear and the wind was ripping through the trees. The wind was reaching 25 MPH gusts and blew of the large amounts of snow that had pilled up on the evergreen branches.

The location drew me towards it, I felt as thought I could walk the line of the fallen tree and find myself somewhere completely new. Its rare that I find a location that I find so inviting, besides the brutal cold temperatures, I really was in a place of relaxation and was able loose myself in the moment of photographing for the joy of it.

Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24 (@14mm), ISO 100, F/11, 1/80th of a Second.

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