Morning Twilight at Dead Horse Point

After we left Arches National Park, Robin Ostrowski and I made a short trip to Dead Horse Point State Park. The overlook here is 2,000 feet above a beautiful goose neck of the Colorado River. The tree featured in this photograph is a bit of an icon for the park. We spent most of the previous day scouting the park for other trees to feature, but found nothing quite like this one. I still knew that I did not want to use this location as my sunrise spot. I wanted to take this familiar scene and photograph it at a time rarely seen. I took the photograph well before sunrise in the bold deep purples of morning twilight. Hope everyone enjoys.

Canon 6D, Canon 24-105L (@24mm), ISO 100, F/11, 10 second exposure - Canon 430 EX II Flash set to a compensation ratio of -1.7, the flash was 'zoomed' to 50mm to target only the tree.

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