Working with new perspectives

The mass majority of landscape photographs are taken at eye level. It does make sense, it is the height that people usually see the world from. It is also convenient to look through the viewfinder when it does not require crouching or standing on top of something. This approach does work for a lot of scenarios, but some subjects require a low and personal point of view or a high and distant point of view.

It pays to remember that every little thing in photography can change an image dramatically. Where you stand, how height your camera is off of the ground, what focal length you select, your depth of field, shutter speed, exposure, etc... Depending on how you decide to combine each of these things you can create images that could be from different planets even though they might only be a few feet away from one another.

I decided to get very low to the ground (water) in "Midday Flow" and "The Patriarchs" to bring another wild element into the photograph. I wanted to tell the story of Zion's diversity and highlight the beauty of the Virgin river.

Midday Flow - Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24 (@14mm), Novoflex Adapter, ISO 100, F/11, 1/5th of a second for the water and shadows and 1/20th of a second for the sky and highlights.

Sky Butte - Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24 (@18mm), Novoflex Adapter, ISO 400, F/16, 1/200th of a second, dual processed.

The Patriarchs - Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24 (@14mm), Novoflex Adapter, ISO 100, F/16, 1 second for water and shadows and 1/2 of a second for sky and highlights.

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