Right on the edge

National parks are well known for their dramatic entrances. Every National Park in the system has something to show off right away, whether it be a geyser, a canyon or a mountain peak, there is always something special about entering a new National Park. Zion National Park is no exception, The drive into Zion is in fact one of the most dramatic roads I have ever driven on. The lanes are crazy narrow, the surrounding landscape makes you feel puny on a new level, and the diversity of rock formations to gawk at are limitless.

Out of all of these features and sensations, the one thing I walked away most happy about is the sensation of feeling so small. I felt so insignificant compared to the towering rocks around me. It made me feel grounded and brought a new level of splendor and majesty into the way I view the world.

On the last day I wanted to hike to an area to photograph the road that had impacted me so much. The cloud cover was dark and foreboding, but once in a while a small break in the clouds would let a bit of sun rip through. I waited around for a long while, to the annoyance of my fiancée, for the perfect bit of light to highlight only the road into the park. I was rewarded for my patience, the sun opened up for only a moment and painted warm light onto the road and the cliffs to the left and right. After showing my fiancée the final result, she was very pleased we stayed so long for she had felt the same way I did when we first drove into the park.

Thank you National Parks for being so impressive and making people from all over the world feel so very tiny and amazed.

Canon 6D, Canon 24-105L (@32mm), ISO 100, F/11, 1/100th of a second.

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