Leland, Michigan

If you have ever visited Leelanau County, chances are that you have been to Leland's public beach at some point. The beach is one of the most popular around and for good reason, especially if you are a tourist. Fish town is just around the river, the restaurants are near, the galleries are great, and the views are like looking back in time to a more simple, slow paced life.

The beach has two main entrances. The first is near Van's Garage, The second is just before leaving town towards Lake Leelanau or Glen Arbor. The first entrance leads you down a short and tight trail to the beach, this is by far the most popular. The second is just as nice, you will find less cars parked here and a view of the lake before you even get out of your own car. Dune grass is everywhere, a small trail leads you through it to a sprawling perfect Michigan beach.

The true treasures of Michigan's Leelanau County are the countless stunning beaches we have. Few places in the world have as many as we do that are so pristine. They stay this way because of community efforts and respect. So if you decide to go to one of our beautiful beaches this summer, enjoys yourself, but be sure to pack up everything that you brought. If you see some garbage that is not yours, please pick that up also.

The Photograph above is from the second, lesser used entrance for Leland's public beach. It was taken at the start of the magic hour during sunset. I hope everyone enjoys.

Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24 (@14mm), Novoflex Adapter (Nikon G type lens to Canon EOS Body), ISO 100, F/22, A hand blend of three exposures due to massive dynamic range, one at 1/8th, one at 1/20th, and one at 1/50th of a second.

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