Mosquitoes and Bunch Berry Blossoms

Here is an Image that is basically the fruit of two years effort. I went to this location last year trying to find this specific view of Indianhead Point, I finally did find it after grueling amounts of hiking with an often too heavy pack. The Flowers (Bunch Berry Blossoms) had already past, the fruit had already ripened, I was too late. I was to make sure that I did not make the same mistake twice. This spring, a great buddy, Garrett Korson, and I went back up to the Pictured rocks for a few days to finish what I had started. 

The mosquitoes were the worst I had ever seen in my life. We planned to stay for four nights. We ended up staying for two....... yeah, they really were that bad! Anyway, I was able to get to this destination once again and to my joy, the Bunch Berry was blossoming perfectly. I made sure to make no mistake capturing this photograph that took two years to make. I hope everyone enjoys.

Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24 (@14mm), ISO 250, F/11, One Photograph at 1/15th sec for highlight detail focused at Indian Head Point, Five more Photographs taken at 1/6th sec. for shadow detail, all focused at different focal points to capture complete depth of field, this technique is called depth of field blending. All six Photographs were later combined by hand in PS.

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