High Water


High water and high winds made our beaches an interesting place for landscape photography this year. I spent many evenings and mornings chasing down the best beaches around Northern Michigan. All in hopes of capturing the beauty of the high water and the effects it had on the shoreline. I found myself revisiting my favorite beaches, slightly because I am still enamored by them, but more to witness how the high water is changing the beaches. Leland's public beach is nearly gone, the sandy parts mostly under water now. On this evening the large waves were washing all the way up past the dunes grass. If you have been to the beach in previous years, you know how wild that truly is.

I got lucky with very rare lighting conditions, a mix of warm directional light from the sun, as well as, soft, glowing light reflecting down from the underside of the clouds.

Technical details: Canon 6D, Nikon 14-24mm 2.8G ED lens (@14mm), ISO 50, F/11, Three exposures were made to combat the massive dynamic range, one at 1/3, one at 1/6th and one at 1/40th, hand blended in PS.

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