Fixed at 400mm


When Robin and I decided on our Florida trip dates I made sure to look up and write down the sunrise/moonset and sunset/moonrise times for each day. I knew that I had one or two days that would work very well for the rising moon if weather permitted. I had a strong image in my minds eye for what I wanted. I wanted to pair the famous palm trees of Florida with the rising full moon to create an intimate scene.

I worked with the Canon 400 F5.6L for this photograph so I could emphasize the moon in the composition. I had the angle of the moonrise written down so I was able to continually check my compass and make sure the moon would rise into a composition I had framed with an ideal group of palm trees. I hope everyone enjoys this rare glimpse into the world of Florida's wide places.

Caanon 6D, anon 400 F5.6L, ISO 400, F/8, 1/2 second for foreground, 1/6 second for moon.

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