U.P. and Canada Adventure

Robin and I took a very nice, yet intense trip through Michigan's U.P. and headed into Canada to visit a few parks we had never been to. Our first stop was Lake Superior Provincial Park. The park had some truly amazing landscapes, rocky cliffs on the shore, islands, rivers and waterfalls were everywhere. One hike in particular we will never forget. We hiked the Towab, a very difficult sixteen mile round trip journey to the very impressive Agawa Falls. The fall here is nearly 80 ft high and is well worth the grueling hike.

Our last destination was Pukaskwa National Park, which is on the northeastern corner of Lake Superior. Here we also found some amazing cliffs, islands, and more of Lake Superiors epic beauty. I hope everyone enjoys. If any questions come to mind about the trip, or any technical details behind any of the photographs please feel free to e-mail me at julian_bunker@yahoo.com.

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