A Good Idea Can Be Timeless

I typically never compose with a "grid" when using LiveView. Honestly I like to step back and blur my eyes a bit to find shapes in the scene. I thought it would be interesting to overlay a few lines to represent the movement I am trying to convey. A few of the concepts I learned in art school really seem to stay in my mind. I remember my favorite professor saying "never create an exit within your scene" that concept is always at the forefront when i'm composing. 

The 'Rule of Thirds' can be an overused method of creating compelling compositions, however, it truly does hold validity. by blurring my vision, I look for shapes and movement within the viewfinder, it is interesting to see that even when trying to avoid some of the cliché compositional standards, I still ended up with a photograph that basically embodies the concept of the 'Rule of Thirds'. I hope everyone enjoys!

Canon 6D, Canon 11-24L (@20mm), ISO 50, F/22, 1/4th of a second.

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