Peaceful Evening

A few weeks back I decided to walk up the snowy road to the North Bar Lake overlook from the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive parking lot. Many areas on this drive are rarely photographed during winter due to the difficulties in accessing them.

When I arrived the viewing platform was empty, the air was crisp and perfectly still. The sense of calm was wonderful, time seemed to stand still as I quietly observed the expansive view. The clouds gently drifted across the sky as the sun cast its saturated light throughout the land, water and sky.

In a trance, I began to think how I might convey this serene moment. I decided to portray the view in a linear format. I used the Canon 100-400L II lens to capture intimate detail in each photograph. I used a vertical camera orientation to create an array of photographs, seven photographs in a row across the sky and another row of seven photographs across the land to create a fourteen photograph gigarama.

I hope everyone enjoys my attempt to bring you the same sense of calm and peace I felt while I observed this elegant moment.

Canon 6D, Canon 100-400L II (@110mm), ISO 100, F/16, 1/20th of a second, 14 photograph gigarama, 7 photographs in top row, another 7 photographs in bottom row. I processed the gigarama several times at different exposures and combined them by hand in PS to increase the dynamic range.

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