"Trillium Grandiflorum"

As an artist, sometimes the hardest part is finding new ways to push oneself. Even once new concepts, techniques, and levels of fitness have been discovered or achieved, it is truly hard to see if any of these have actually made artistic progression occur.

So how does one tell if they are progressing? I have found the best way to test this is to approach the same scene during the same event at the same time each year, year after year. This way, a visual map is created that can be observed in a simple, past to present order.

Perhaps this sounds too scientific, however, I believe it is extremely important to continually progress as an artist. It is witnessing this progression that fuels my ambition to become better at telling stories, sharing emotions, memories, and concepts through photography. I strive to photograph the wild world in ways that inspire people to better respect the planet we live on. 

I have visited this same spot for five years now, so here is my fifth attempt at photographing this stunning and elegant forest of Great White Trilliums (Trillium Grandiflorum). I hope everyone enjoys!

Canon 6D, Canon 11-24L (@11mm), ISO 400, F/22, 1/15th of a second.


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