Risk and Reward

"Empire Adventure"

"Towards the Storm"

The balance between risk and reward in an interesting one. I decided to drive towards Empire last Thursday knowing there was a large chance it would be completely cloudy. I knew that if there was going to be a break in the clouds the sunset would be fantastic. As soon as I arrived I pulled out my compass and check the exact angle the sun would be setting at. When I discovered there was indeed a chance for the sun to break through, I unloaded my 14' kayak and readied my photography equipment by placing it into a large dry-bag.

When I saw the chance, I launched the kayak and patiently waited for the sun to get closer to the horizon. I was hesitant to take my camera equipment out of the dry-bag seeing that it was far from calm, but I knew if I could get a shot when the light improved, it would be a shot I could be proud of. As the storm in the distance drifted away, the sun came through and put on an epic display of gorgeous color. By the time the lighting was just right it had become quite dark.

I had to push my ISO far past the point I would like to. I also had to underexpose to be sure I held detail in the bright and wonderful horizon. The result is a photograph with a distinct amount of noise, but it is a shot that would not have been possible without pushing my ISO and still having enough depth of field to capture the kayak and the horizon in focus.

Canon 6D, Canon 24-105L, ISO 1000, F/8, 1/40th of a second. Single RAW processed four times to increase the dynamic range of the original exposure.


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