Rare Lighting

"Grand Teton Sunset"

I noticed a break in the cloud cover one evening atop Signal Mountain in the Grad Teton National Park. Knowing that these conditions often create a chance for 'up glow' lighting, a dash was made to the closest mountain view location in the park to hopefully catch some magical light.

Frenzy was in the air upon arrival, as 'up glow' lighting seldom lasts more than mere moments. Luck was abound, the magic started only moments after arriving.

Rare lighting like this is certainly fun to witness, but truly intimidating to nail in the pressure of the moment.

Canon 6D, Canon 24-105L (@100mm), three-stop soft edge graduated neutral density filter, ISO 100, F/11, 1/5 of a second. Eight shot panorama, camera in vertical orientation.


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  2. You are one of the best photographers out there mate. I just love your photography and enjoy seeing the pictures you take. Hoping to seeing more pictures soon on your blog.

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