Swift Current Lake Sunrise

"Swiftcurrent Lake Sunrise"

Swiftcurrent Lake, in Glacier National Park, is truly stunning. Andy and I only camped here one evening as the weather forecast was dreadful. The night of our arrival winds were sustained at 30 MPH with gusts up to 50 MPH, making photographic conditions a nightmare. The following morning we were granted an hour or so of wonderful lighting before the landscape fell back into a bleak despair of gray. We felt very fortunate to have had such an opportunity during such poor weather, a short break when the weather wasn’t trying to kill us. I hope everyone enjoys!

Canon 6D, Canon 11-24L (@24mm), ISO 100, f/8, 1/2 of a second. Five image panorama, camera in vertical orientation.


  1. Just look at the Swift Current Lake Sunrise, how breathtaking it looks.And how wonderful one can have the morning there. Such an amazing picture of this sunset

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