Two Medicine Lake II

"Two Medicine Lake Sunset"

As the sun neared the horizon, Robin, my Brother Jesse and I found ourselves in the town of East Glacier outside of, you guessed it, the East Glacier National Park entrance. As the light started to look promising, we jumped back into my Brothers car and made a mad dash back into the park (thanks Jesse!). 

We arrived not a moment too soon as the sky lit ablaze and put on one of the best shows we had seen yet. I scrambled to put my waders on and to compose a shot at the edge of Two Medicine Lake. The fascinating multi-colored stones of the lake made for a truly compelling foreground that complimented the blushing colors of sunset. I hope everyone enjoys!

Canon 6D, Canon 11-24L (@18mm) ISO 100, F/16, 1/20th of a second.

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  1. What an amazing photograph! I love everything about it from the fiery red and cool blues for the sky to the crystal clear water and the rocks on the bottom.